The Old Fox Dies

Thirsty Foxes_02
The old fella and one of his kits

A few years ago, when we went to Algonquin Park, we would always see this one particular fox family.  For a couple of years and in different seasons they entertained us.  We would see the patriarch and his mate along with their different litters.

An Algonquin Park friend of mine told me the old guy passed away about a week ago.

Sadly, people were baiting them for photos which led to several being run over and killed and some being relocated.  Baiting wildlife is something we don’t do.  Putting food out to attract bears, foxes, moose, deer etc is a bad idea.    It’s one thing to put out bird seed for birds or toss a peanut to a chipmunk but in those cases you aren’t putting an animal’s life in danger.  We know of several animals that have been hit by vehicles or put down by Parks staff or relocated.  It’s not fair to anyone, but especially the animals.

But I digress……………. The old fella was hit by cars at least twice and ended up with mange.  The Provincial Parks people stepped in a couple of years ago and re-located the family but took the old guy to a sanctuary to be treated.

He gave us some wonderful photos and memories.  RIP Old Fella.

Alq June 2016 Holidays Exported LR-27_02
Carrying a loon egg home for the kits

Fox mate for life and the Dog (male fox) plays a big role in providing food for the family and teaching the kits.

Algonquin 2015 June and March Exported LR-105

Algonquin 2015 June and March Exported LR-266
Going for a walk
You can see the tail of a mouse hanging from his mouth, more food for the family
Algonquin 2015 June and March Exported LR-88
We loved watching him
Algonquin 2015 June and March Exported LR-87

3 thoughts on “The Old Fox Dies”

  1. Thank you for linking to that article from Outdoor Photographer! Good to know baited photos do not meet their ethical standards.


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