Back to my Blog……I have been away/busy/lazy/procrastinating..take your pick!

Wow, I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks, maybe longer, not intentionally I assure you. My husband and I were away from the 8th July to 7 September. We drove approximately 8500 kms (5000 kms of that total was pulling our trailer). We traveled extensively in Northern Ontario (the province we live in) staying at 17 different Provincial Parks and one KOA Campground (in Thunder Bay).

We did not see a lot of wildlife in Northern Ontario, surprisingly we never do. We did see lots and lots of Sandhill Cranes and Bald Eagles. We also saw a beaver, Pelicans, a bear, some Moose and assorted other ducks and birds. It could have been better but it also could have been worse. Being primarily a wildlife photographer, I take what I can get.

On the 20th September we left for Algonquin Park and stayed 24 days, we drove close to 3000 kms during that time. We did a lot of driving in the park and surrounding area apparently.

So we have been home almost a month and now we are playing catch up with all of our pre-Winter chores. So much to do! I still have a ton of photos to go through but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at some of my photos while I get organized for some more Blog Posts.

Stay safe.

11 thoughts on “Back to my Blog……I have been away/busy/lazy/procrastinating..take your pick!”

  1. You were so right – it is necessary to take the time to live to share the best of what we lived, isn’t it ?- and your photos are always so incredible, almost magical so much they are “in” the life of animals

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  2. Ahh, my homeland and I went to Algonquin Park when I was young. I lived in the U.S. since ’66, but still a Canadian. You said you didn’t get much – your highlights are fabulous. I just love that little chipmunk and that bear appears to be grinning. The loons and their call always fascinate me. Looking forward to more photos when you catch up.

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